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    1. Okay, do you have any other plugins installed then?
    2. Just giving my self one, and placing it will only make pigs spawn day or night.
    3. I know I can spawn them, but does that mean it will work correctly? Or will it only spawn pigs?
    4. I'm looking to get a working Mob Spawner, as in one that spawns zombies/skeletons/spiders, on my server for a Haunted house being built for a project. How can I do this? and would it require a extra plugin? Many thanks, Ali
    5. You can install any plugin you want, the 24 offered on the plugin list are just the most common or most widely used. Very Games have recently launched a 'Infinite' service, which for my sever options is only a £2 increase, allowing you to explore the world to the infinite. That may be an option for you, but I do not see the issue with the block measurement? Most, if not all, of the other providers I looked at before choosing VeryGames had some form of block restriction some people 'harsher' than VeryGames.
    6. Community Craft - What is Community Craft? Community Craft is a, currently, small 10 person server. We currently have a 5 regularly active users, who have worked together to build and design excellent structures. We are now looking to invite some more members from the Minecraft community to this server, who are looking for a community orientated server. How can I join Community Craft? As we are a white-listed server, if you wish to join us you will need to post in this thread. We will only be accepting people with a Very-games account, so you don't have an account but still wish to join just make a Very-Games Account. Once you have expressed your desire to join, you will be added to the white-list within 24 hours usually. How reliable is the Community Craft Server? We use a very reliable Minecraft Server provider called VeryGames, in the last few months we have had no downtime due to any issues with them. The only substantial down time in the last few months has been due to Minecraft Updates. We have a rank structure in place, to ensure smooth running of the server and to ensure that the server remains a fun place to be: Owners: Ali_45 (Me) Stv32 Admin: shavedzebra Moderator:
    7. I've updated, as per the 'Incident' message and when logging into my server I do not have the usual messages, e.g. MOTD and whos online, and the /ping command used to test Essentials.jar doesn't work.
    8. You have to put your username (and any other users names) in the world.yml file, you used to edit/add/create the groups. It should have shown you in the default version of the file permissions comes with?
    9. Okay, well I've contacted VeryGames and they have said Live Logs are being implemented and i was given a possible implementation of this month but it's useful to know it is possible, sort of, by other means. If it becomes a major must have issue, and Live Logs haven't been implemented, I will look down the Big Brother/mySQL route. Thank you :)
    10. Okay, I had a quick look around last night but didn't see the logs. I'll have another look. I would also like there to be more detailed logs, I've recently (yesterday) gone more public with the server. Meaning we have more people on, and I (because it's still my server) want to be able to check what they've done/tried when I'm not online. Coming from this, is their anyway to get 'Live' logs? I know VeryGames doesn't have them, however this is something I would be very keen on having, but is there a plugin that could do live logs?
    11. Simple the title, i want to look a the past console logs for my server but see no link to this on the Console Log page and the log doesn't scroll back far enough.
    12. Oh, okay. So they'll be more obvious in telling us to update when it's the recommended version.
    13. Okay, the 'Incident' message said there was a version of Craftbukkit available and to look at the link but the link says nothing about this?
    14. I was asking about the [OwnerOwner] bit, again me not being descriptive enough. I've managed to sort it now however, turns out for some reason iChat takes the Group name as the Prefix.
    15. Nah, I was asking about changing the players name in the chat. Sorry if i worded it badly! EDIT: I've also got this problem, Why is this happening? This is my Permissions file: http://pastebin.com/4hcDwgTM Direct link to the image encase the image didn't work: http://gallery.neoseeker.com/Ali_45/photostream/4045299560
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