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    1. Thanks, i got it to somewhat work. But (i got file zilla working logged in, working) but i want to know how to make multiple worlds now, 'cause i do have (had) bought a minecraft VQS. I just want another world so we dont run out of space..or is this only for like, a certain level of a package? If so, can you tell me how to gather the world file before i delete the world we made previously. (we built a huge town and we each want a copy of the world before restarting again). If thsi is possible, thanks for the help so far!
    2. Well, I've browsed the forums and haven't found much on the questions I have. Is there a tutorial on how exactly to access my FTP? I went to the site, signed in with my server account, yet I cannot EDIT any of the text that is in the files (even when I open with the computer files and not internet version), now I've seen that you have to sync it with the bukkit server software but I'm not exactly sure how to do this. That's my first concern. From that, I wish to know, can I have multiple worlds on my server? (not at once) because we seen to run out of space quite fast and don't wish to lose any of our work. When I have the server software running, how and can I do this? (which from there I'm sure its possible for one world to be a custom map so me and my friends can do those as well) So um, not sure if any of those questions were answered or seem noob-ish, but I really wish to know. I need to renew my server (pay) and before I do, I want to make sure I'm paying for what I really want to be used/accessed on my server. Please answer with the fullest of your knowledge, and thank you SO much to whom ever answers me! Sincerely, Vin.
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