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    1. Hey, the first thing that comes to my mind for that how your permissions are set up. For bukkitperms I believe the one controlling build perms is "permission.build" node.
    2. Hey, So following the update past minecraft 1.2, the map markers plugin that was previously used by us, (same one that is recommended under the mapviewer page) finally stop functioning with the changes in bukkit R5. Currently that markers plugin has become inactive on bukkit, however I was able to find a similar replacement called player-markers. Problem is even when I have the output set to markers.json file in the main directory, the icons still do not appear. No errors are generated, but I did notice the new mapviewer looks different. So I think its probably the markers.json file that need to be updated. Problem is, I cant remember for the life of me where I acquired it from because its been so long. I'm probably missing something super simple, like another method of hooking the plug to the mapviewer, but any help would be appreciated. Some Info: -playermarkers plugin -were running bukkit 1.2.3-R0.3
    3. These lands are expansive and inhabited by a small community, although, there is an evil that lurks when the sun sets. Pangeacraft is a fairly unique server and not like others in the minecraft community. We custom edit our plugins to best suit out community’s wants and needs. There are absolutely NO give commands (from members to admins); all resources have been gathered fairly. Thus, we reap the benefits of a working economy which is run off of trade and mob bounties. Pangeacraft members have worked hard to build everything the server has to offer! We are an active and open community both on the server as well as our forums. Pangeacraft provides a mix of vanilla game-play enhanced by Bukkit Plugins. A note about staff: We don't "sell" staff positions. No amount in donations will get you an admin/mod spot. Staff members are chosen from those who display good abilities in judgment, communication, and involvement in the server community. IP: -VQSi Dedicated Server. -For low lag and an expandable map as needed. Any work that needs to be done on it will always be announced long in advance on the site. -24 Slot server. -Matching Mumble 24/7 voice chat service, ask in game for information! -MCMMO – Get bonuses while fishing, mining, collecting herbs, etc -craftbook – Gates, Bridges, and Lifts -Towny – Join one of the five towns on our server for protection from mobs -Clans – if you are looking for PvP, start up or join a clan -CustomDifficulty – Mobs are harder to kill and do more player damage (they are not impossible though) -iConomy – Working economy with mob coin drops -Hawkeye – Added protection to you as a member -WorldGuard – more protections -SuperCauldrons – Water blocks out of cauldrons when combined with restone -LWC – lock your stuff! and many more!! Rules -There are NO give commands, so don't bother asking for such. -Although we are not a "family friendly" server, keep your dialog respectful and polite to other members. Use common sense. -Griefing and stealing are NEVER permitted under any circumstances and doing such will result in a ban. Using it was your sibling is not an excuse you should not give your account information out if you do not trust your siblings. -Please no 1x1 block structures, although MC has a lack of physics, please make sure buildings are done with some effort and taste. 1x1 Dirt tower makers will be fined for the clean-up. -Try to refrain from building floating objects... gravity is a law so please obey it -The server staff are here to help keep order, we will trust their judgment in the punishment of players for issues like chat spamming, excessive swearing, advertising, and other general asshatery. Interested? Check our site Pangeacraft. For more detailed information on our server, check out our handbook, or head on down to the whitelist application below (server website whitelist found here). -Minecraft User Name: -Why should we accept you onto the server? -What kind of experience are you looking to have playing on here? - A bit about yourself and what you have built/hope to build, feel free to post pictures/links to past building etc. -Have you played on other servers before?
    4. Thank you for your replies both here and on the support ticket. Thank you for taking time to address my questions and concerns openly on both. Just to clarify, I completely understand not including tech information needlessly in the tickets. You and your team are professionals I trust you as such. Meant it would be nice to have some sort of news feed on the panel that you guys could just flash an alert "SQL issues, on it". That way I would not need bother you with questions in tickets for problems your already well aware of needlessly. That can probably get pretty annoying. Thank you for the full information in this case though, and your continued great work.
    5. So we have been using verygames for a VQSi Minecraft server, web hosting, and voice chat services since early summer of this year. After today I thought I'd post a few things that are great about the service, and a few of blunders. -Hardware wise the servers run great, and VG does a damn bang up job of keeping everything ticking along nicely. Its wonderful to not have to worry about your host having issues, drama, and mass malfunctions constantly. Really I am glad I did not listen to others and go with something like Brohosting or Servercraft. -Full FTP access is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- I can not explain how much of difference in freedom that is from many other gaming hosting services. If you know what you are doing this means a world of difference and allows our server staff to bring our players a wonderful and different experience. -Pricing, package deals are well priced. When take into account what hardware your actually getting as well as the care free servicing of that hardware it is great. However, in all fairness not everything is rainbows and kittens. I have my gripes with a few things, like anybody else. Maybe in time some of these can even be addressed or already underway. -Lack of communication: So many times I've ticketed an error, only to have the reply be, "Yeah we knew, and its been/being fixed." That's great, mind telling me somewhere next time so I don't waste my time checking everything on my ends. A small status update feature of problems and issues for VG on the user panel would be wonderful. Which nicely roles into my next one... -The Minecraft Panel: Most things on it are fairly well done, and although I certainly do prefer it to MyMCAdmins design, one thing drives me nuts. The start, stop, restart, and running status icons do not update in a timely fashion in the least way. This can be a pain in the butt when attempting to rebuild files to the latest bukkit dev builds. -Tickets... Why is there no customer support staff on weekends. VeryGAMES <--- internet and gaming usage is largely based around the weekend. Fixing it on Monday after the peak does not help me. Also, why if I file a ticket am I banned from using IRC support? Does it matter how or where I get support as long as I get it in a timely and efficient manner? If I find a solution prior to my ticket being answered, I'd obviously cancel it so not to plug up the support system. So I really don't see how this helps, specially on weekends. So there, I have certainly enjoyed our time with verygames, and the problems I have had certainly are not enough to instantly drive us away, but they do exist.
    6. Hey, we suddenly are finding that we cannot add names to the server whitelist via the verygames browser console. However, we can remove them and edit the file directly still through ftp. Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem before and have an idea of what could be causing it. The server plugin build has not changed for few days now so that not it.
    7. Naw, its all good. Found everything easily after getting some coffee in me. Thank you for the help though.
    8. Currently, we have full package Minecraft VQSi server with the web hosting service. I am currently using the web hostings MySQL service for the mcMMO plugin rather then its built-in flat-file database. However, there is clearly a MySQL database in the lib file of the server ftp. Is it possible to set the plugin to use that local database rather then having to connect to the web hosting one? Thanks for any advice, Frozen
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