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    1. what plugins are u using?
    2. due to people making inappropriate buildings while im not there it is now whitelisted message me with minecraft name if u wish to get onto the server
    3. ok my game keeps asking me if i want to update to 1.3.2 are the verygames servers updated to that? i click update server n plugins but dont update my game cause it still lets me in. i dont wanna up date my game and not be able to get into my server
    4. ok so i have the essentials plug in on and working. but when i type /plugings it says i dont have permission and to contact server admin. well thats me and i wanna see it. people have been saying add me in the node thing with filezilla. when i go to look i cant find anyplace to do it. any help? also i have no problem with the /sethome command but noone else on my server can. any suggestions on how to fix that. thanks.
    5. also looking for builders, and new ideas.
    6. just got my server up n runnin. plenty of shops to help make ur town. land protection to prevent those annoying greifers. very simple and fun.
    7. ive been trying to get my single player map into my server. and everything people are saying confuses me. is there a step by step post anyplace? i searched many hours with no luck. everytime i get the random generated one its always mostly water in the map area. and i dont like that. ive tried lots of times to get a good one. but no luck any help would be great, thanks
    8. JustOnePro

      Map Help

      im having the same problem but this post didnt help. im running xp and i can find where my save game is thru my %appdata% but cant figure out what to do next. that ftp long in thing doesnt work and it doesnt let me log into anything or put a save game file anyplace. a step by step guide would be AMAZING. i dont mind staring a new world but the generated ones all stink so far. i did it like 9 times so far and its been mainly water!!! cant find any biomes exctept for ocean and swamp area. those dont equal fun play.
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