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    1. try &2 edit, sorry didnt know this topic was 20 days old
    2. Hey, is there a way to update your server to bukkit 1.6.4? Sorry, been a long time :p
    3. Hello Adam, I am a customer of VG I never had any lagg issues with the Minecraft server. Yes, you can install plugins/mods via FTP, and there are some plugins that can be installed automaticly. You can copy your map to the FTP so your map is on the Minecraft server here. VeryGames is a really good host.
    4. I have been looking around and i think i didn't see this yet, some people might find this usefull So lets start: First go to your VeryGames Minecraft server, open the tab: My games and install openmod java Then, download the FTB server files from the FTB site and upload them to minecraft/openmod (on ftp) Go back to your account on verygames, click the tab: My server and type in the "Openmod Java: Customize the command line (experienced user, read +INFO)" field ftbserver.java or whatever your .jar is from your server. Then click validate, thats it! If you have anymore questing please reply ;)
    5. Hello When I create a new world the server crashes every time when some one goes in the world the server also crashes does any one know how to fix the problem?
    6. Hello, You have made a payment by Paypal : 6.00€. For security reason, we are performing some check on the payments. We require from you to send us a scan/photo of the ID card (For exemple : passport, driver license...) of the person who paid the server, at communication@verygames.net If you have any questions, you can also reply to this email by going here : http://www.verygames.co.uk/myTickets.vg For more information, do not hesitate to consult our Legal Notice, part : \'Combating fraud\' : http://www.verygames.co.uk/notices.vg If we have no answer from you within next 24 hours, we would be compelled to suspend your services. Thank you for your understanding. PS: the informations sent will be kept confidential, and will not by used for any commercial goal. Best Regards I just got this mail. how can this be fraud or what ever it is?
    7. Hello VG, Is there a way to change the icon of your site? On this site its a blue square with a √ in it, On the site i rented its VG. Sorry for my bad enlgish, im dutch -Sam
    8. Hello, When i tried to update wordpress it gives this: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare update_page_cache() (previously declared in /data/filer-6/web/web2691/htdocs/wp-includes/post.php:4370) in /data/filer-6/web/web2691/htdocs/wp-includes/deprecated.php on line 3139 How can i fix that? no one can join the site?
    9. did you add them with ftp?
    10. Yes, if you have the plugin groupmanager the permissions will stay for a bit, just kick them or let them rejoin.
    11. Yes, you can install them using your FTP server, just simpely drag them in the plugins folder
    12. SamThaB0ss

      lagg server

      in stall the plugin ptweaks, or get more diskspace.
    13. add it with the ftp server.
    14. is it error: bad login? than you have to change the online mode to false
    15. Typer ingame /whitelist add playeryouwannaadd, or add it in the ftp whitelist.txt and reboot your server than.
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