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    1. Okey, it is /plugins and maby you have a plugin that is not allowing you to type /plugins or /pl, or maby you have craftbukkit.plugins disabled on your server (just if you use have a permissions plugin)
    2. http://www.verygames.co.uk/support.vg Click at the link and make a support ticket!
    3. Verygames support every plugin! becuse of they are running bukkit, but is it uptodate ? what versjon is it ? and what is craftirc
    4. send me the config and permissions.yml file in the forum and ill look at it!
    5. do not use BigBrother use hawkeye it works mostly like bigbrother but it have a Web interface!
    6. Okey i do not know anything about stargate.... but do you have the permissions ? or is it a config you nead to chance ?
    7. what do you mean ? Essentials admin and op is just the same!
    8. sanoj96


      be more spesefic!
    9. Then install it useing your FTP controll!
    10. sanoj96


      Dynamap Okey you cant install a Dynmap to a wordpress site! dynmap is hosting with your server (Minecraft) and it use your server ip :8123 i think! but i make your server lagg if you do something wrong!
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