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    1. Okay, so I'm running a tekkit server and we just had a nuclear war and are trying to convert a 10,000 x 10,000 block area into a wasteland. So we are removing all leaves, plant life, and turning all grass blocks into dirt. We didn't want it to take forever so I got world edit on the server to use it but it has been acting weird. Whenever I use the command //replacenear <size> <from-id> <to-id> and i set the size to 300+ the server freezes for like a min and then shuts down. Then I have to restart it to get it back up and nothing will be changed on the server. I need to know why this might be crashing my server and how I would be able to fix it. Please help ASAP! We want to get this wasteland all set up as soon as possible!
    2. So I figured out what the root problem was and fixed it so this thread is now resolved.
    3. I watched that tutorial and it helped a lot but when I finished and started up my server it crashed and the logs gave me this error "invalid or corrupt jarfile Tekkit.jar"
    4. So I rented an openmod Java minecraft VQS server to run tekkit on. I went to youtube and found a video explaining step by step how to install tekkit on the server. Link here: I have followed every single step of the video and when I finish setting tekkit up and start up the server again it crashes every single time and in the console logs it says "Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile Tekkit.jar" Please please help me. I have been working on trying to get this set up for days now and I have friends who have been waiting on me very patiently to get this server set up. I have no idea what is wrong with the server and could really use help fixing this error. Please help! EDIT: I tried loading Tekkit 3.1.2 and 3.1.1 and the server told me for both of them that the .jar file was invalid or corrupt. I did some looking into this and discovered that maybe there is a problem with ftp server for the minecraft server that causes a problem in the files during the transfer. Can someone please confirm this for me? If this is the problem then I would appreciate any advice/help on how to fix this problem.
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