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    1. Ouvrez vos plugins.ini et permettre à la adminslots.amxx plugin Aussi, vous voudrez peut-être une autre méthode de réservation. Parce que les réserves de AMXX par défaut toujours les slots, même s'il ya déjà des admins connectés. Si vous voulez reservate fentes seulement quand il n'y a pas administrateur connecté, utilisez celui-ci: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=231839 Désolé pour les mauvais français. J'ai utilisé google traducteur, car il y avait des mots que je ne savais pas comment le dire en français
    2. XRedirect marche pas. Recherche Alternative Redirect
    3. can i know his email or server IP? So i could contact him and ask if he could help me to detect if payment got completed. In allied modders people told me it was impossible unless i could acess website files...
    4. Je sais pk... Tu installe tout les plugins que tu ai sur ton backup. Et tu a copie les amxx default plugins et le version est 1.8.2 pas. Vous avez besoin des plugins 1.8.2 sur le nouvele cz version.
    5. Sa serveur ai trop prive plugins. Mais je sais un chose, le auteur de sa serveur copie pas les autres serveurs et cest la raison que le serveur est populair. Faire ton serveur avec ton idées, cest la meilleure façon pour les gens comme ton serveur. Et oui, je utilise le connormcleod furien sur sa serveur, mais je ai mon modifications ;-)
    6. Sa est utilise par autres furiens serveurs, vous devriez penser à vous-même et être unique ou personne ne va vouloir jouer sur votre serveur. Mais cest le plugin que je utilise en mon furien gun: http://darkgamerz-cz.verygames.net/dg_downloads/spawn_money.rar
    7. XRedirect travail si tu faire cl_filterstuffcmd 1 Mais il est client cmd, et le default est 0. Vais allied modders et recherche Alternative Redirect. Il vais redirect pas, parce que cest impossible si client cvar est 0 par cl_filterstuffcmd. Mais il faire kick ou il faire a message sur joeur et dire le IP du serveur. Pardon par mon nul francais :oops:
    8. Sorry for the bump, but can i know if that user got something from you? Because from the search i did, i have to make an embedded object in the page and call the function in the plugin to see if paid or not. It would be nice if i could get the source from that page so i could edit it for that, and money would still go my vg account. Because transfer the money all the time is annoying and would be better if money goes automatickly in vg account :help:
    9. What he did was open his c4c page in motd and people have to wait till he check out c4c logs. If iam wrong and he does it automatickly, so player gets VIP even with invalide allopass since he only can know valide/invalide if it redirects to another page.
    10. Well it is for sell VIP in my servers. I could do my own script but i dont want to use allopass, i prefer to use like cash4clan and money goes directly for my verygames account, because i dont like to send money to paypal and from paypal to verygames, is annoying :roll: Or, if you can, making a new cash4clan just with code space so i could make people buy via motd wich is more easy and faster for the client. (I have pawn knowledge, will not be hard to do a plugin for it, but i need different pages for see if client really did put a valid code)
    11. Hello, I would like to buy one product that doesnt exists. Is like cash4clan but with few changes: - Instead of "Email Adress", does "SteamID" - Add new box for people choose server. - Allow me to customize text - Allow me to customize background image (just if possible, not necessary at all) If necessary, I pay it every month like any other product. Thanks.
    12. Salut Pardon si mon francais est tres mal, mais je suis francais pas et tout le francais que je sais est par ts3 de ma equipe :? Je utilise amx 1.8.1, 1.8.2 et noveu metamod 1.21 mais serveur kick tout le monde... Si vous conais de probleme svp dire a moi comme je fais. Merci
    13. First: Wrong Forum Second: Someone changed email of your account. What i suggest is to you create new account and send to verygames your case. If they see your email is really the old email, is possible they give you back but is possible too that they just ignore because verygames alerts lot of times to dont share password of account because they dont take any responsible of it.
    14. Hi I tried to instal amxbans on my website but it says internal server error. I already asked help in hlbans forum but no answer to solve it. Can someone tell me detail by detail how to instal or if can, i send secundary acess and instal it for me. Please i really need it :roll:
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