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    1. i assumed that any admin /customer service could see the server on my account via my email? so far no reply on the ticket, its getting worring as i know your support closes today at 6pm so you need? Minecraft VQS infinite #5050 minecraft ip: do you need anything else?
    2. i just Purchased a Minecraft Server This afternoon, 1:30pm ish GMT its now 17:33pm GMT and i am still unable to access the FTP to actualy load any mods. i have put in support requests and even visited the ICQ to ask for help but so far i have not gotten any response my day is quite literaly ruined as myself and 2 friends only had today to be able to play together for atleast a week. yes my details are correct on the FTP client (Filezilla) i have tried to create a 2nd account and even asked a friend to try them it gives me the same error: Response: 220 ::ffff: FTP server ready Command: USER *hidden* Response: 331 Password required for *hidden* Command: PASS ******** Response: 530 Login incorrect. Error: Critical error Error: Could not connect to server please, can someone, anyone? assist? Thanks
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