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    1. New server 1.7.5 is up guys!!!!!With factions,kit-pvp,skyblock,parkour....Cracked server,when 10 ppl join drop party will be happen.Thank!! ip:
    2. Hi guys!!!i rent a craft bukkit.how can i change the version?plz!!!it is 1.7.9 ....i want to make it 1.7.5
    3. HEY THERE.i rent a craft bukkit server.i go to maintenance.then Plugins.But i cannot install my own plugin?why?and how i can do it?
    4. Hey man.one question.i can add like 50 plugins if i want,right?
    5. i will use bukkit.thnx a lot dude.you can close it now(if this how it works,i just came to this foroum :P )
    6. hehehe i know that.and one last question....It is bukkit server right?i can add my plugins,right?
    7. Hehe thnks a lot!!!10 years here?good job my friend :P can i ask you something,in your opinion.Consola in minecraft,in very games is easy to use?what do you think?xD
    8. Thanks.So i need to pay 30 euro paysafe card,to get about 25-26 tokens,to pay 23 euro for the server,am i right?Server costs 23 euro :)
    9. Hi community!!!!I Want to host a server but i dont have paypal.so i went to see how much does it cost.A server for three mothns and unlimited slots costs 23 euro.(about 23 euro)With paypal..Then i saw that i can host the server,with Coins...Then i realize that i can buy coinds with paysafecard...but it doesnt tell me how many coins i need to host the server,3 months,unlimited slots.with paypal costs 23 euro,with coins?is anyone able to answer me?thnks!
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