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    1. Hello i have a problem and when my members are joining the server havent got them items what i have to do?
    2. Hello ,I have fixed the problem 2 monthes ago , but ty for reply.
    3. Hello i need to change my ip from default to e.g. vcraft.verygames.net , how i can do this and if i do this members can join with the old default ip? plz reply i didnt took reply from tickets.
    4. i had a message whick said there is a bug on autosave [server #359] and when i will reboot the server next time i will lose all my constructions hellp!!!!!!
    5. hello i have a problem with my suffixes i have : [world][world] [Owner] [Owner] i use pex and my second problem is the icon , the icon dont changes what i must do?
    6. Hello my server 359# sent me one ingame message and it says:yoy have 10 users offer - 11 online players your server will reboot and i have 3 players online what i must do?My server didnt reboot but is that an error?
    7. Thank but , becauze i use bukkit server 1.7.9 , are any problems ?
    8. Hello forum and vg , i need someone to say me how to have mre versions to my server when the server created it was 1.7.9 but the skins dont work please someone reply thank.
    9. ok sorry , the problem was a plugin called montify world , to fix it you must delete it , sorry about that . and thanks for the reply.
    10. :-| Hello very games i have a lot of problems and i know are not the permissions,My members cant chat place or use items only warping and playing minigames , are not the permissions i know is a problem of the server i need really help!!
    11. the server auto rebooted and now i can't join the server , i have lost 3 days of errors , please fix it . I can't waiting any more :(
    12. yes , actually i saw the server online again but me and other members of my server can't join , the server steels saying logging...
    13. Thanks for that , but the server rebooted and now i have the same problem :cry:
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