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    1. I have figured this out myself. So on account of people having the same issue I will explain what I had to do here: Go to steam workshop for space engineers and locate the mod that you want on your server. In the address bar of the page will be the mods URL (you may have url display switched off in steam interface, if this is the case click to SHARE the mod, this will display the url of the mod), this should end with "?id=123456789" where the number is the unique id of the mod. Copy this number (just the number, not "?id=")to clipboard and go back to your config manager on your server dashb
    2. I don't know if this will help either of you but I was having real issue too. Firstly I noticed, for me anyway, that if I had set the world size to anything but "0" I would get a similar error message. Unfortunately the server manager doesn't give very good feedback with regards to the actions you take, so I would suggest that if you do a reinstall, walk away from your computer for 10 mins, come back and refresh the page and start server. I have found that my server can take upto 5 minutes to launch. Also, if you are entering your steam id to make yourself an administrator make sure you are
    3. Can anyone help, I would like to have several mods on my server, and I have located the field on the config page where I am supposed to enter this info. However, I have no idea what info I am supposed to put here, or what format it should be in. Is it url for mod on workshop, or some id for mod I am unaware of. Also, how do I enter more than one? Thanks in advance!
    4. Two questions: 1: Which steam id code are you using? There are two types, alphanumeric (starts with STEAM_0 or similar), and numeric (long number just numbers). Its the last one that you need to use. 2: Are you entering this info on the in the config section of the server manager on verygames website, or are you remotely accessing file of server and editing them yourself? I made myself admin by entering this numeric code in the administrator field on the config page of my server manager. This is the page after you log into verygames website select your server as though you were changing
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