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    1. Someone please sort this out. I just left a certain server company to come here because I was told that you are the best, but no sooner than 12 hours in I am having the same issue with your servers. I had to stop the server then re-set it so I could play and everyone else, 12 hours in and its started, if it continues then I will pull the plug on the server and not bother playing the game. Before you ask me we all the the same setup, as a host for the game IE: I am paying for it, I should not have to sit by my phone or teamspeak waiting for someone to message me saying that they cant get into the game, as I see the same thing going on with this server company. The game is Farming Simulator 15 and we all have the same configs and settings, and the proper dlc packs incase you ask. As I said I will leave and wont be back Many thanks I look forward to your reply
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