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    1. Welcome to SkyPlanet Advertisement Thread! SkyPlanet is a community loading SkyBlock server (Plannig to add more server in a nearly future) Forum - http://www.forum.mc-skyplanet.net/ Server IP - play.mc-skyplanet.net Virtual Store - http://store-mc-skyplanet.buycraft.net/ I will be giving away 15 free Iron Ranks for the first 15 players to join the server. You MUST comment on this thread your ING name to receive your rank, SkyBlock Features - 24/7 Uptime - Vote Rewards ($5,000 and vote crate key for every site you vote on) - Premium Crates - Donator ranks (Perks at http://store-mc-skyplanet.buycraft.net/) - Challenges with rewards! - Player shops, buy/sell items to everyone! - Lagg FREE! Check by yourself wit the IP play.mc-skyplanet.net YouTube Yes, thats right! Our server have rank Youtuber! Check our website to create an application! Requirements 100+ subscribers 500+ views Good vídeo/Editing quality You need to create a video for your youtube rank application! (Let's play, review etc...) Vote Top 3 voters of each month receive a free Donator Rank! http://minecraft-mp.com/server-s111736' http://minecraftservers.org/server/329711' http://minecraftservers100.com/vote/309' http://topg.org/Minecraft/in-426120' https://funminecraftservers.com/s/3670/vote' $5,000 and 1 vote crate key for every site you vote on! Donations ATENTION: Every Rank Affects all the SkyPlanet Servers (Currently only SkyBlock) If you want to help us to keep our service running please consider to throw them into our direction! We guarantee that all donations go into the server maintainance and configuration! http://store-mc-skyplanet.buycraft.net/ Thank you for your time! play.mc-skyplanet.net
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