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    1. Hello everyone, I have been trying to play Sevtech with another person, but it seems my internet does not cut it. I am hosting on my old C2Q 9400 @3.2GHz 8GB Ram and at least when I play on my local PC, I get a really tiny lag when new land is loaded. The 0.8Mbps that Speedtest tells me I have though, probably is not enough for nothing XD In general we play fine, but the other person gets 1-2 bars of connection and at times the 1 bar probably goes lower than the game can show, as I see her zoom around the map. Constant death by lag ends up making the game hard to enjoy. I have been looking for a cheap service to host only for 2 people and I found Verygames, that actually seems really cheap and perfect for hosting Sevtech, as it offers unlimited ram even with just the lowest price of 4 slots. My problem is though that it nowhere says if it can use Sevtech and just says it has "More than 100 Modpacks pre-installed ", which does not tell me much. Can anyone tell me if they offer Sevtech as choice, or even better, if it offers a way for me to upload my minecraft server files on it and then just host it? Thank you!
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