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    1. So how long does this normaly take because no active support is not nice making people wait for then 3 hours for a update is just stupid......
    2. This is my ongoing ticket, i don,t think i did something wrong. Steps i took: 1: Bought the server. 2: i made a account. 3: i download filezilla. 4: i add my mods id,s to the server np yet. 5: i make a FTP connection to upload my save file still all good. 6: i try to let the server load my save file and it just keeps pending the update configuration (i let this run for 6 hours) so not my settings 7: i thought this might be due to my files so i tryed to start a clean save world. It did the same pending move and did not continue. 8: so the server never has been online and i don,t think i made mistakes. PS: i hope this aint gonna take those 48 hours hehe
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