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    1. If I was asked to say what the most memorable thing about the TLS update, it wouldn't be the backlash or controversy, it would be how the game just keeps crashing. Tried playing again today on the passing, my friend was hosting, and we crashed on the final. Very anti climatic end to the match. Just to show I'm not exaggerating how many times I've been crashing, here's a screenshot of all the crash reports I've accrued since the update. (not including crashes without an error) https://prnt.sc/usd280 The reason why I made this post is not to ♥♥♥♥ on the devs or update, but to see how common the crashing issue is. Has anyone else been crashing a lot too since this update rolled out? DISCLAIMER: Out of frustration, yes I did delete the contents of the game and sent it to the recycle bin, before restoring it later.
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