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    1. Hello, of course, all you need to do is upload your already designed Website onto the FTP-Server into this folder: ~/www/htdocs You can always install a CMS(Conten Managment System) like Joomla, Nuked Klan, Webspell or Wordpress if you don't know how to create a website. Just follow the instructions in the readme.txt, is not too hard. Don't hesitate if you have further question. regards
    2. Hello, I closing this thread since it was solved by RegnaM within an hour over the ticket system. Nº4025 OFFLINE ..please help -- Miroslav 23-09-2009 17h44 . . Loic 23-09-2009 19h17 kind regards
    3. Hello, the reason the admin panel couldn't help you is because the whole mumble3 server was offline for 1 1/2 days. I forwarded it, back then, to the responsible technician and it shouldn't happen anymore, according to him. I am very sorry and I will extend your server rent for 2 days now. I just need your server id or ip. regards
    4. moved it to the french section. regards
    5. Hello, pretty much self explanatory. Has been fixed and your server is back online. regards
    6. Hello Vg|Hawks, when you have got some time can you add that mod please. Download link is: http://www.team-grom.com/downloads/mods/cod2/ePAM101.zip regards
    7. Johnwoot

      server 3778

      Hello, I'm sorry but I was not available for a few days, but just checked your server and it is online.
    8. It is under "account option" on your control panel--> "change password" It will automatically generate a new password which will be emailed then to you.
    9. what is the gameserver id, so i can check it ? also try it with a client like filezilla too please.
    10. Hello, there is no english wiki yet, but you can simply click on "File Manager" on your admin panel once you are logged in on verygames.co.uk. It will show you the IP Address (hostname) FTP Server FTP Username (login) password regards
    11. that's not quite right lulucu the server adress for the german servers is also ftp.verygames.net. host: ftp.verygames.net username: server10318 password: the same password you use for the login on verygames.de
    12. ooops:oops: just checked the mani installation, but everything is ok and the commands is also correct. ] ma_give #all weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Johnwoot item weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Greg item weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Doug item weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Kevin item weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Grant item weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Ted item weapon_ak47 (ADMIN) Johnwoot: gave player Chris item weapon_ak47 on your server.. try again please.
    13. I already gave you an answer on IRC a few days ago didn't I ?
    14. Johnwoot


      Hello, have checked it again if it is supported, but unfortunately it is not supported at the moment and probably will not be in the future. Sorry.
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