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    1. ma_give weapon_ak47 #all, It does not work. in the help say: ma_give (target) (weapon) if the target is 1 only player, it does work, ej. ma_give tremolero weapon_ak47, but when i try give weapon all people, i can't :S i try: ma_give #all weapon_ak47 (did not find target '#all'!) rcon ma_give #all weapon_ak47 (did not find target '#all'!) ma_give weapon_ak47 #all (did not find target 'weapon_ak47'!)
    2. Hi, i have problems with mani admin plugin. i can't use the command ma_give #all weapon_ak47. say did not find target '#all'. any can help me? thx ^^. pd: my server is server10230.
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