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    1. Really not having much luck at the moment - Bought a new server On Saturday night - I didn't work until sunday morning - Only to have the wrong version of Left 4 Dead 2 on there, so I switched to try the Server on TF2 waiting for L4D2 to be updated. Now it has been, yet my server is still running the old version.
    2. I get error 530 Login incorrect. I have manged to reset my password now - The link on the english site doesn't appear to work (script error on page) but works fine from the french. Still can't get on though. Same error.
    3. Since I bought my server on Saturday, I have only been able to login to FTP once. It does not accept the username and password - which I have quadrupole checked. The change password option in the control panel does nothing (two browsers tried). And on a slightly off topic note when is Left 4 Dead 2 getting updated server side.
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