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    Whiste list un peut d'aide


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    J'aurai besoin d'aide depuis la maj OB quel est le fichier Whitelist qui est utiliser j'en est trouvé 3 et j'ai tester un peut tout ?






    Voici mon test pour pure_server_whitelist.txt :





    // 3 modifiers are allowed on file specifications:


    // from_steam - only check the Steam cache for the file (ignore anything on disk)

    // allow_from_disk - allow the file to come from disk

    // check_crc - used with allow_from_disk - server does CRC checks on the client's file to make sure it matches


    // The default modifier on all files is allow_from_disk. Thus, all files can come from disk and don't need CRC checks unless

    // allow_from_disk can be set at the same time as check_crc. Use the + character in between them to signify this: allow_from_disk+check_crc.




    // Three types of file specifications:


    // 1. directory\*.* - refers to all files under the directory

    // 2. directory\... - refers to all files under the directory and all directories under that (recursively)

    // 3. directory\filename - refers to a single file




    // By default, when in pure server mode, most content file types are only allowed to come from Steam.


    materials\... from_steam

    models\... from_steam

    sound\... from_steam




    // Allow custom player models. Don't do CRC checks on them because the clients may all

    // have different custom models and the server won't have them all.


    models\player\... allow_from_disk

    materials\models\player\... allow_from_disk



    // Allow custom spray decals.


    materials\temp\... allow_from_disk

    materials\vgui\logos\... allow_from_disk

    materials\vgui\logos\ui\... allow_from_disk



    // Allow replay browser thumbnails.


    materials\vgui\replay\thumbnails\... allow_from_disk



    // (Uncomment and edit these for mods).

    // Allow mod resources to come from disk.


    // materials\mymod\... allow_from_disk+check_crc

    // models\mymod\... allow_from_disk+check_crc

    // sound\mymod\... allow_from_disk+check_crc




    // Custom Whitelist



    // Sound


    sound\shark\... allow_from_disk+check_crc

    sound\bombtimer\... allow_from_disk+check_crc

    sound\sourcemod\... allow_from_disk+check_crc


    // Materials


    materials\models\player\ics\... allow_from_disk+check_crc


    // Model


    models\player\ics\... allow_from_disk+check_crc




    Pour whitelist.cfg




    // Individual files to pass through...

    "add" "unusedcontent.cfg"

    "add" "whitelist.cfg"

    "add" "gameserverconfig.cfg"

    "add" "whitelist_beta.cfg"


    "remove" "cfg/config.cfg"


    // Temporary Hacks that need fixing

    "add" "maps\cs_havana.txt"

    "add" "maps\cs_italy.txt"

    "add" "maps\de_aztec.txt"

    "add" "maps\de_cbble.txt"

    "add" "maps\de_chateau.txt"

    "add" "maps\de_dust2.txt"

    "add" "maps\de_dust.txt"

    "add" "maps\de_piranesi.txt"


    "add" "models\player\cs_player_shared.mdl"

    "add" "models/player/ak_anims_ct.mdl"

    "add" "models/player/ak_anims_t.mdl"

    "add" "models/Shells/shell_9mm.mdl"

    "add" "models/Shells/shell_57.mdl"

    "add" "models/Shells/shell_12gauge.mdl"

    "add" "models/Shells/shell_556.md"

    "add" "models/Shells/shell_762nato.mdl"

    "add" "models/Shells/shell_338mag.mdl"

    "add" "materials/overlays/brickroad01.vtf"

    "add" "materials/de_dust/..."

    "add" "models/props\de_dust\door01a.mdl"

    "add" "models/de_dust/door/door01.mdl"

    "add" "materials/metal/metaldoor017a.vtf"


    "add" "materials/effects/..."

    "add" "materials/decals/..."


    // Additional files/directories to allow

    "add" "materials/console/..."

    "add" "materials/vgui/..."

    "add" "materials/sprites/..."

    "add" "materials/hud/..."

    "add" "materials/debug/..."

    "add" "materials/shadertest/..."

    "add" "materials/engine/..."

    "add" "materials/dev/..."

    "add" "materials/voice/..."


    "add" "sound/combined/..."

    "add" "sound/UI/..."

    "add" "sound/common/bugreporter_*"


    "add" "maps/graphs/de_*.ain"

    "add" "maps/graphs/cs_*.ain"

    "add" "maps/graphs/test_*.ain"

    "add" "reslists/..."


    "add" "*.vbsp" // ????

    "add" "*.rad" // ????


    "add" "models/*.ani"


    "add" "*.txt"

    "add" "*.bat"


    "add" "bin\*.dll"


    "add" "steam.inf"


    "add" "maps/soundcache/*.cache"

    "add" "*.cache" // Keep all cache files for now...


    "add" "sound/ui/..." // vgui ui sounds



    // Custom


    "add" "sound\shark\..."

    "add" "sound\bombtimer\..."

    "add" "sound\sourcemod\..."

    "add" "materials\odels\player\ics\..."

    "add" "models\player\ics\..."



    J'ai testé avec sv_pure 1 un reboot + un changement de maps pour qu'il check la liste mais rien, je suis toujours kick ou les sound ne marche pas.


    Si quelqu'un peut m'éclairer sur son utilisation maintenant sa m'aiderai vachement avant la maj c'était plus simple.

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