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    I don't have access to my email account anymore


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    When you change your account information, an email is sent with a verification code to insert on the site.

    If you no longer have access to your mail, you will not be able to save your changes. Therefore, a VeryGames administrator must change your email account manually.



    You must then send a support ticket, specifying the new email that you want instead.



    You will then be asked to prove your identity by sending a scan or photograph (For example: with your mobile) of your ID (eg passport, driving license, ID ...) to support@verygames.net.



    NOTE : il ne faut pas fournir un email qui est déjà utilisé sur un autre compte VeryGames.




    Upon receipt of this document, VeryGames administrator will change your email account.


    What is VeryGames doing with the document ?


    I have no confidence in sending documents through Internet.


    VeryGames understands this lack of confidence when sending important documents.


    The customer can completely delete the information it does not want to show.


    However, the document should still remain recognizable and the name and date of birth visible.




    [TD]All collected personal data is not retained or used for any other purpose than simple control of payment.The information provided will remain strictly confidential and will not be used for commercial purposes.[/TD]




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