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    How to do an offer change with multi-servers


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    The change offer is a service which allows you to change an offer to another one FOR FREE. You do not have to pay any supplement, only the expiration date will be modified according to the new chosen offer.

    Caution :

    • When your change offer is done, you cannot have a refund, even in tokens.
    • One offer change every 30 days (unless you have the option Flexi+or an Instant change offer Pass.).

    When you choose an offer with several servers and you wish to remove one or several servers, you have to delete the servers you don't want anymore, before doing your offer change.



    To do so :



    To delete your servers permanently, you have to do an offer change, and choose the new offer you want.

    For example : If you had an offer with 3 servers and you now only want 2, choose : 2 servers in "Servers quantity" list

    To do an offer change, go to MY ACCOUNT


    • Click on the link Click here, in front of Change Offer .

    Caution : if you have a Paypal subscription, you have to cancel it before.

    You do not know how to cancel your subscription? Click here.

    • Modify what you want.

    The remaining days number is displayed on the right (After this offer change, you will have: X day(s))

    [TABLE=border: 1, height: 27]


    [TD]NOTE : if you do not have enough days lasting on your rent, you will get this message : Your remaining days number to make this offer change is not sufficient. You need to have a minimum of X day(s) to be able to make it. At the moment, you have X day(s). You will need to renew your service before making the offer change.[/TD]



    • Click on the button : Change my offer

    You arrive on a summary page of your old and new offer.

    • Click on the button : Confirm my changes

    An email will be sent to you with a check code to insert on the site.

    NOTE : if you do not insert the code, your offer change will not be validated.

    To see your offer change’s history:

    • Click on Offer change history, on the left menu.

    NOTE : Once a service has expired, the history of this one does not appear anymore.






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