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    How to add an administrator on your server ?

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    It is not necessary to perform any manipulation to add yourself as an administrator if you are the owner of the server, in fact, the account that created the token used by the server is automatically added to the administrators without any additional action.

    To add secondary administrators, you need to retrieve the Klei user IDs of the players in question.

    There are two ways to get them, you can ask them to click "Account" on the game's home page and the ID will be displayed on the page that opens :


    The other solution is to go see the file "/dst - verygames/config/Server/Master/server_chat_log.txt" on your FTP after the players in question have written in the chat, you will find the ID of the players before their name between parentheses :


    [01:32:13]: [Say] (KU_rXXXXXXX) VeryGames: hey


    Once you have these identifiers, go to the "Configuration" tab of the panel and click on the "adminlist.txt" file in the list on the left.

    Add the identifiers of the different players you want to see administrator in the file, one per line :



    Save the file then restart the server, the players are now administrators.

    You can know if a player is an in-game administrator by looking at the list of players (TAB), if there is a star next to their character's icon, the player is an administrator:


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