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    Pb reboot tous les 10 minutes


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    J'ai un probleme de reboot du serveur 006 tous les 10 minutes !! j'ai regarder les log et je ne comprends pas ce qui se passe :


    L 01/01/2005 - 22:06:53: World triggered "Round_Start"

    Add "-debug" to the ./hlds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem

    Sat Jan 1 22:07:04 CET 2005: Server restart in 10 seconds

    czero =>

    removing cstrike/custom.hpk...


    Console initialized.

    scandir failed:/data/server6/games/halflife/./valve/SAVE

    scandir failed:/data/server6/games/halflife/./platform/SAVE

    Protocol version 47

    Exe version (czero)

    Exe build: 02:38:31 Jul 7 2004 (2738)

    STEAM Auth Server

    couldn't exec language.cfg

    Server IP address


    Metamod version 1.17.2 Copyright © 2001-2004 Will Day <willday@metamod.org>

    Metamod comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `meta gpl'.

    This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it

    under certain conditions; type `meta gpl' for details.


    Downloading Security Module from Speakeasy.net ...

    Completed downloading Security Module from Speakeasy.net

    Server is in Secure Mode.

    scandir failed:/data/server6/games/halflife/./valve/SAVE

    scandir failed:/data/server6/games/halflife/./platform/SAVE

    Navigation map loaded.

    * Langue du serveur modifiee: FR

    * AMX Mod Multilingue *

    Langues disponibles:

    - EN : 100.00%

    - FR : 100.00%


    Executing AMX Configuration File

    couldn't exec listip.cfg

    Server logging data to file logs/L0101148.log

    L 01/01/2005 - 22:07:46: Log file started (file "logs/L0101148.log") (game "czero") (version "47/")

    couldn't exec listip.cfg

    L 01/01/2005 - 22:07:46: Log file closed

    Server logging data to file logs/L0101149.log

    L 01/01/2005 - 22:07:46: Log file started (file "logs/L0101149.log") (game "czero") (version "47/")

    Adding auth server

    Adding master server

    Adding master server

    Frequence d'affichage du message defilant: 10:00 minutes





    Si vous pouviez m'aidez ! Qu'est ce que le message defilant ? car cela correspond au temps de reboot !




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