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    How to become admin on your server ?


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    To become an admin on your server, you have to use Sourcemod.


    Sourcemod is a plugin to manage your server with a simplified panel.


    To install Sourcemod on your server, you have to go in the "Plugins" tab of your panel.


    In this tab, install Metamod first. Metamod is mandatory to be able to use Sourcemod.


    Then, install Sourcemod on your server.








    To add yourself you as an admin on Sourcemod, you need your STEAM_ID.


    To get your STEAM_ID, go to the website : https://steamid.io/lookup


    Add the link of your Steam profil in the search field and click on "Lookup".


    Then copy your STEAM_ID ( first line of the result : steamID ).




    When Sourcemod and Metamod are installed and your STEAM_ID copied, go to the "FTP" tab of your panel.


    Use the FTP access to connect to your FTP ( For a simplified usage, we advise you to use FileZilla ).


    Now that you are connected, go to the folder : /csgo - verygames/csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs.


    Open the "admins_simple.ini" file with a text editor.


    Add your STEAM_ID and the admin rights which you want like this :





    The right 99:z are the most frequently used. They give you all admin rights on your server.



    When you have set your rights up, save the admins_simple.ini file on your FTP and restart your server.


    Once your server is started, connect on it and launch the command !sm_admin in the text chat.

    cleardot.gifThe administration panel will appear, and you will be able to manage your server (ban/kick, change map etc...)




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