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    How to become admin on Gmod


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    To manage admins on your server, open the users.txt file in your server's FTP, in the Settings folder :




    You should get this :

    // This is your users file
    // You can use this file to add people as admins on your server
    // Add them to the relevant section
    // If you're a Lua coder you can add your own sections and use them
    // in your script by doing pl:IsUserGroup( "admin" ) etc
    //"garry" "STEAM_0:1:7099"
    //"garry" "STEAM_0:1:7099"







    "Superadmin" : You will notice that it's the rank. You can use any ranks in this list :
















    "Garry" : is your nickname, you can choose any, it's the steamid that counts.




    Finally on the right, you have an exampl of SteamID. Put yours, save the file and restart the server.






    Don't forget to delete the "//" before your nickname in order for the line to be taken into account.








    To get your SteamID, you will have to go to the website https://steamid.io/lookup.

    Enter your steam profile link (or nickname) and click on Lookup.


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