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    How to add an admin ?


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    To add an admin (or several admins) on your Starbound server, go to the Configuration tab of your panel.


    You have to add users in the ServerUsers section of the file.



    If you wish to add a single user, use this format :


    "jean" : {

    "admin" : true,

    "password" : "pass123"





    You will then get this :




    If you wish to add 2 or more users, Jean being admin, Jacques being a simple user :

    [b][i]"jean" : {[/i][/b]
    [b][i]"admin" : true,[/i][/b]
    [b][i]"password" : "pass123"[/i][/b]
    [b][i]"jacques" : {[/i][/b]
    [b][i]"admin" : false,[/i][/b]
    [b][i]"password" : "toto123"[/i][/b]



    Note the comma (very important !) after the first user configuration.

    Only the closing singleton ( } ) of the last user doesn't get a comma after it.

    You therefore have to get your configuration file like this :




    Save the file and restart your server.


    Connect to your server using the created logins.




    Note : adding non-admin users is useful when y ou wish to restrict your server's access with the "allowAnonymousConnections" : false configuration, which prevent anonymous players connection.


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