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    How to add an admin ?


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    To be able to access an admin mode on your server, you first have to install the Tshock version, available by doing a new installation in your "Games" panel.


    1.thumb.png.a0baf4c638debeafd5e92a81d4d69964.pngActivate the game







    Once connected you need to obtain the admin token. This can be found via your ftp, in the authcode.txt file





    With the authentication token, in the client type /auth <token>.

    You should now be a server admin temporarily.


    The command should be executed without the brackets, like this: /auth 123456




    Now you are a serveradmin, you need to create an account. Type /user add "username" "password" superadmin


    Again, the command should not have the brackets: /user add myusername mypass superadmin



    You can then login as the newly created user /login "username" "password"


    And, again, no brackets: /login myusername mypass




    Finally you need to type /auth-verify to complete the process.


    You should now be listed as a server admin! Each time you connect user the username you registered you will be prompted for a 'server password', this is the password you created.


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