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    Change your Teamspeak’s banner


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    You can add a banner on your Teamspeak server. This banner will appear in the Information server’s part.




    Maximum height : 300px


    Maximum width : there is no maximum width but think to not put a too widest picture otherwise you will not see it entirely.


    Image type : You can use any image type, but prefer one that is not too big as the .png or .jpeg.




    You need to host your image or use a URL (for example, a google image).

    • Connect to your Teamspeak.

    Warning : you need to be connected as admin on your server to proceed the following steps.

    • Make a right click on your server’s name (root channel on the top of your channel’s list.)
    • Select Edit Virtual Server
    • Then click on “More” button on the left bottom.



    In the “Host” tab, you will find the line “URL” (At this line, you can set a redirection up on your picture.) and the line “Banner GFX URL” (At this line, put your URL’s picture, Google URL for example).









    Now you need to fill out those fields and click on “Apply” and “Ok”.


    Your image now appears on your Teamspeak.


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