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    TS 3: sensitive to network disturbances


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    By its nature, TeamSpeak 3, voice transmission in real time on the Internet, is a very sensitive service to network disruptions.



    What are the possible disturbances and their impact?




    The interferences can be linked in particular to:

    • a technical problem with our network provider, in which case, we contact our providers immediately to inform them of the fault.
    • a problem in an intermediate network operator: in this case, we inform our provider to ask if it is possible to bypass the problem.
    • a problem with an unfiltered DDoS attack (not detected): in this case, we analyze the attack and enter with our provider to develop new measures against which allow to detect and block future similar attacks. Undetected attacks are rare (1-2 per month on average).
    • a problem with a filtered DDoS attack (blocked): 95% of detected attacks do not disrupt the service. For the remaining 5%, the service is disrupted few seconds / minutes (less than 5 minutes).


    In all cases, either the service works intermittently (partial disconnections, voice like a "robot", cuts in the dialogue ...) or it does not work at all.



    What are the solutions provided by VeryGames?



    We have acquired over the years expertise in the anti-ddos protection and network quality. With this experience we choosed to use the first European operator network (OVH) and it's unmatched Anti-DDoS protection: filtering capacity of 480 Gbps, and a network of over 3 Tbps of overall capacity.

    We are in constant contact with their network engineers, and we actively participate in the improvement of anti-DDoS protection.

    We are aware of the importance for our customers to have a stable service, and we do everything to achieve it.

    Regarding the DDoS, dozens of attacks are received daily on our infrastructure, and 99% of them are detected / blocked completely, and are therefore transparent for our customers. The remaining 1% brings disturbances, and are as unpleasant as inevitable, given, again, the nature of the TS3 service.

    When this happens, two solutions: be patient until the perturbation ends, or have a secondary TS3 server (in another country or another operator).


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