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    Set your TS3MucisBot up and connect it to your server


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    To use your TS3MusicBot on your Teamspeak, you need to set it up.

    You will find the bot’s configuration panel on your VeryGames panel, in the « General » tab.



    In this panel, you need to configure:




    “Custom name” (optionnal): Custom your service’s name on your VeryGames’panel.

    TS3 server address: For this option, you can choose a TS3 server that is on your VeryGames account (if any) with drop down menu « Teamspeak 3 Server from your VeryGames account » or configure an external Teamspeak server IP and Port.

    “Admin password”: Admin password for the TS3MusicBot’s admin panel.

    “User password”: User password to give users access to the TS3MusicBot’s admin panel.

    TS3 query login: To set the ServerQuery’s login/password up follow those instructions : ServerQuery's Login and password

    TS3 query password: To set the ServerQuery’s login/password up follow those instructions: ServerQuery's Login and password

    TS3 query port : If you are using a Teamspeak server on v2.verygames.net, you will find your query port on your panel, « General » tab. For another Teamspeak, the port is provided by your host.




    When you have saved all informations, the « Access to dashboard » bouton will appears on the « TS3MusicBot control panel » board.




    It is recommanded to configure your Teamspeak chan on the best audio quality. (Audio tab in the chan’s configurations, then put the Quality option on maximum).



    Now click on « Access to dashboard ».

    On this panel, you will find all your bot’s options and features.


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