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    Control your bot from Teamspeak (Query mod)


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    To control your TS3MusicBot directly from Teamspeak, you have to register your admins and users’ unique ID in your bot’s panel. Your Bot has to be connected on your server in Query Mode.



    One you are connected, click on the “settings” menu, and on “Identities”.





    The “identities” window opens.

    In this window, you’ll find the Unique ID information.




    The unique ID is a specific identifier for each user. If you wish to add several users in your bot’s admin, you have to get each user’s ID. Every user has to perform this manipulation and provide you’re their Unique ID.





    Copy this Unique ID.


    Go to your TS3MusicBot panel.

    To do so, connect to your VeryGames panel.

    Then click on TS3mBot panel and on “Panel access”.



    Once connected to your Ts3MusicBot panel, click on “settings” in the left column.


    Then click on the “TS3MusicBot settings” button.




    In the showed menu, you can see the fields “admin identities” and “User identities”.




    Paste your Unique ID in the desired field, according to rights you wish to attribute to this unique ID.

    Use on ID per line.




    Save your configuration with the “Save all settings” button and restart your Bot.

    You can now control your bot. The commands list is available in your TS3Bot panel, in the “Command list” section.


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