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    How to install mods on your server?


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    Step 1:


    You will need to find a mod that you like on the Steam Workshop for Conan Exiles, Subscribe to the Mod and wait for the files to download.



    Step 2:


    Find the file which would have downloaded from subscribing to the mod. This will be in a directory such as the following.




    Step 3:


    Open your Control Panel, and click on FTP tab.


    Browse to \ConanSandbox\Mods\


    Press the upload button, and upload the .pak file that you located above.



    Note: If this does not work, upload the mod by using and FTP software such as Filezilla.



    Step 4:


    Edit your Modlist.txt available in your configuration tab on your panel.


    add *modname.pak to a new line in here.


    Step 5:


    Save and restart your server.

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