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    How to import my world ?


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    Install the Same Modpack and Version of Minecraft on the Server:



    First use the "New game install" installer on your panel to install the same version of Minecraft, and the modpack, that the world was created on. Uploading a world folder created on a different version of Minecraft, or a different modpack, can lead to problems with the world loading correctly.


    Screenshot_1.thumb.png.bf1babbd6c965a4f14c0baee7ca3a720.pngFind the "World" Folder on Your Existing Game:



    Go to where your Minecraft game is installed on your computer, and open the game folder.


    MInecraft names your world save by default to "World", unless you changed the name to something else when you created it. So look for a folder called "world".


    If you open the folder, you should see something close to the view below.




    That listing above is from a world created with a specific Modpack (in this example, the modpack Stoneblock), so the exact files and names might be slightly different. Certain files will be common to all modpacks, such as level.dat, and the folders DIM1 and DIM-1, so this is just an example to help you make sure you are looking at the correct folder. Delete any "World" Folders Already on your Server:



    If you have already started the server, Minecraft will have automatically generated a new world, in its own "world" folder. In order to avoid confusion, you might want to select that "world" folder and delete it using the button at the top of the File Manager view, before you upload your own. We also recommand to stop your server before you do so. Upload the Files to your Server :

    • Use an FTP Program: We recommend using an FTP client to manage the file upload. FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". It's a standardized way to connect to a remote computer, and then manage the process of uploading large files. FTP programs break the file into smaller parts, send them one at a time, and keep track of which parts were received correctly at the other end. FTP can even resend bits that were lost or garbled at the other end. It also had the advantage of being much faster in most cases.

    We have a basic guide for FTP use in our knowledgebase which you can fine in your FTP tab on your panel. We highly recommend Filezilla for this.

    If done successfully, you will have the same world folder from your computer on the server. Change the Settings to Use the Folder:



    Minecraft automatically names all worlds it creates "world", and if your's was named this, it will just automatically look for and use that folder when it starts up.


    If your world is named something else, you will have to change the settings that tell Minecraft which folder to load the world information from.


    Click on configuration on the control panel, then click on server.properties and replace the word "world" with the exact name of your own world folder.



    Screenshot_3.thumb.png.91fbd96049408f14afc67510b17b49c6.pngCongratulations! Your world has been uploaded to your server!



    If everything has been done correctly, the server should load your world on it's next startup. Connect into the game to make sure everything is fine, and if it is, you're ready to keep exploring on your own custom world.

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